GamePlay: The game control is presented in the game or click F1 for help. Make use of the I key to see where the relevant items are located that need to have pictures taken. Look close or concentrate on products by utilizing the scroll wheel of the computer mouse. Baby-sitter Clara goes into the bed room and locates that Harry as well as Greta Bichermann have been kidnapped. The ransom note requests 3 million dollars. Burton as well as you, his partner come to your house. Burton has a thicker sole on his left shoe. 2 tag – phosporic acid. Compare to footwear of Sylvia Bicherman, Larson Bicherman and Clara Mitworth. Smashed coop – nylon material. Bed sheet on Harry’s bed – nylon fiber. 4 – nylon fiber. Connect the 2 fibers from the bed sheets. Joystick on floor under the screen – unidentified. Hobby horse – Larson’s prints. Home window pane – Clara’s prints. Stain on flooring close to Harry’s bed – bourbon. After talk with parents: Sylvia’s hate mail – composing at the very same time. Web link hate mail as well as ransom money mail. Discover proof from family. Armrest of brownish chair at foot of Greta’s bed – Clara’s hair. Top of brown chair at foot of Greta’s bed – Sylvia.

CaseBook Episode 1 Evidence List fibers from

The metal head barrier of Greta’s bed – Sylvia. Feline basket at foot of Greta’s bed. Left side of Greta’s workdesk – unidentified. Link bedhead as well as chair to Sylvia. Find exemplars of the children. Cup on side table beside Greta’s bed – print, cacao, DNA. Cushion on Greta’s bed – DNA. Making use of wall over the screen – prints. Cushion on Harry’s bed – DNA. Jacket dangling on door – DNA. Greta is back: Speak about pipeline. Greta’s rope marks – rope fibers. Greta’s clothes – phosphoric acid, active carbon, sugar. Greta’s blood – benzodiazepine. Show the children have actually been right here. Blanket under the staircases at edge of room -Harry’s hair. 2 ropes on the red blanket. Tape on the blanket – air duct tape. Fluid-stain on red blanket – Harry’s DNA. White powder at corner of space left of the door in front of Dolly – sugar. Soda bottle in front of stairways – benzodiazepine. Noodle mug on wheelbarrow at facility of room – benzodiazepine.

CaseBook Episode 1 Evidence List in the game or click

Air vent – Greta’s prints. Show the kidnapper went to the refinery. Oily impact before drum by door. Hair on oil before door. Burger bag on worktable – prints and also invoice. Potato chips bag on floor listed below Burger bag – print. Pipeline on wall right of vent – print. Link pipeline and sweet wrapper. Sweet wrapper – blood – print and also DNA. Tweezers on worktable right of Hamburger bag – Splinter (above tweezers) – blood DNA. Locate the abductors present whereabouts. Burger bag on worktable – receipt. Verify that Lionel is the kidnapper. Tennis shoes on flooring under the table left of counter. Duct tape roll right of bed on table. Rope at foot of bed. Blood stain on floor listed below TV – DNA. Note on top of data cabinet. Door handle – prints. Hair on chair seat close to TELEVISION – Golden-haired hair. Shoes under the bed.

CaseBook Episode 1 Evidence List floor listed below

Develop that Harry was below. Tape on white carpet listed below bed. Web link to tape at refinery. Hair on pillow on bed. Cup on stove – DNA and also benzodiazepine. Find out how Lionel was eliminated. Spill on carpeting in front of champagne container – prussic acid. Web link sparkling wine and spill. Smashed glass beside sparkling wine bottle. Tablet behind champagne container – benzodiazepine. Deduce the dimension of the abductor’s team. 2 white wine glasses on table – spick-and-span for print and also pollen as well as prussic acid. Link the 2 red wine glasses. Playing card and also dice – tidy. Photograph above the bed – Sylvia. Footprint on mat by door – iron oxide and also carbolic acid. Brownish coat with Slade Forestry logo. Psychological or strong method works the very same away. Discover the individual, find the awesome. Shears with blood on the pointer – Sylvia’s DNA. Boots on rack by door. Blood places on floor below shears – Sylvia’s DNA.

CaseBook Episode 1 Evidence List Tape on
CaseBook Episode 1 Evidence List Duct tape
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